Top SEO Tips for 2016

How to Promote your Website to Increase Rankings on Google
September 12, 2016
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Email Marketing Best Practices
October 4, 2016

Top SEO Tips for 2016

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Search Engine Optimization is a process using various techniques which enables your websites to have higher rankings on all major search engines. Every business have their eyes set on being the No. 1 position on search engines, especially Google. Here, we have outlined few trends which gained ground this year and have a powerful future and impact for the times ahead.

Social Media Gaining More Prominence

Social Media has been attaining more significance with every passing day as one of the critical factors for gaining ranking in search engines. Various Social Media platforms are being leveraged by businesses to promote their products and services for increasing brand engagement.

The year 2016 has indeed seen an exponential increase in the usage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. for generating and promoting new content. As a business, optimize your page for maximum visibility and for an increase in search engine rankings. If you want to get ranked in the SERP results, make Social Media as one of your main focus.

Videos are a Source of Audience Engagement

Videos are essential in today’s Digital landscape and are a great way to increase audience engagement with your brand. It has been observed that Google has been giving a lot of significance to blended results on the Search Engines. Keeping this factor in mind, along with the content, it is advisable to have an interesting video along with your content on your website.

Videos continue to be quite popular among viewers in terms of brand engagement and promotion of products and services. For especially marketing purpose, videos especially target mobile devices as people on the move do not get an opportunity to read web content in detail. Instead of lengthy and boring content, all they need to watch is a video which will tell them the info they are looking for. Therefore there is an absolute need of focusing efforts towards visual content, especially videos and images.

Hands Free Voice Search

Voice Search feature has been gaining ground with the rise in the number of mobile devices. There has been an upward trend in voice searches wherein the searcher does not require to even tap a mobile screen. Voice Recognition features require the user to simply say the words he is searching for. The crux lies in the answer user will get after asking a question. Search Engine professionals should be looking forward to an increase in voice search queries and this trend will continue in 2017 as well which poses a challenge for them to optimize sites for voice searches. In fact, the voice search queries have been further spurred by brand companies such as Apple and Microsoft which have already launched their versions of voice recognition features on mobile devices quite some time back.

Website Loading Speed

The loading speed of a website has become a significant factor as per Google’s web ranking factors for 2016. Majority of the users value time above everything else. As much as the users themselves, search engines also value the speed of a website as a critical factor. There are different ways to make your website faster. Better website speed also features as one of the big factors for achieving high rankings on SERPs besides other factors. For this year, it is an essential factor as website load speeds are very important for ranking high on all the major search engines.

Local SEO

The fact that stands as of today is that Local Search is becoming more and more important for SEO. Queries as per a local city search and even for more narrow searches have been increasing which had persuaded Google during “Pigeon” update to consider local search to be a significant factor for SERP results. Now it is essential for every business to have local pages which includes your Business along with address, contact info, timings and other details so that it is fully optimized.

It is inevitable that location specific keywords should be ensured to be a part of your SEO strategy. Provide a lot of information about transportation and access to nearby landmarks etc. Listing in the local pages will increase your engagement with your intended audience.

Mobile Friendly Website

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of mobile users all across the world. The contemporary audience is no longer at one place. Instead, people prefer to be on their mobile while they are on their web browser. The future is that mobile optimization will become the norm. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, building mobile optimized sites for SEO benefits is the way to go so that you can create more SEO strategies for mobile searches.

It is no surprise that Google gives a lot of significance to the mobile friendliness factor so make sure that everything, from content to the images on your website is mobile optimized. Mobile Friendly sites get a big ranking boost on the search engine ranking pages.

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