How to Promote your Website to Increase Rankings on Google

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August 30, 2016
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How to Promote your Website to Increase Rankings on Google


Google is still the most popular search engine globally. It has a constantly changing dynamic algorithm and keeps changing its criteria for obtaining high rankings in the Search Engine Results Page. The big challenge for all existing businesses is to get on the first page of Google and there are two ways to go about it – organic/free listings and paid listings.

Organic Results is something which is time-consuming and the techniques used to increase the rankings is called Search Engine Optimization. A good example of a search query on Google is SEO techniques that work, SEO Company in Delhi and so forth. Here are some of the ways you can increase your website’s rankings on the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Submitting your Site

By submitting your website or blog, you can accelerate the process of getting indexed by the search engines. The procedure is quite simple and it doesn’t incur any costs. Also, you need to verify your site through Google WebMaster Tools and submit a sitemap.

Adding Regular and Quality Content

Search Engines give a lot of significance and assign high rankings for adding relevant and quality content on websites. It is extremely vital that you should add quality content on your website regularly. The content should also contain all your researched and selected keywords which are relevant for your business. Keywords are important words that are relevant for finding your business. Search engines want to regularly add new and updated information as well. The more pages your website will have on Google’s index, the more are the possibilities that your site gets found and ranked on searches. Optimize your content according to your keywords which you have selected.

Social Media Promotion

An effective way to develop a fan following for your website is to promote it through social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Social Media updates also have to be regularly done on the respective platforms and the content added should be relevant, original and it should be related to your niche. Social Media through updates, in turn, help in creating new links which affects tremendously the overall SEO. Using different tools for social media promotion provides you a deep insight into knowing about where your audience engages the maximum and that is important as providing them content they actually want instead of providing them content as per their choice.

Adding your Business to Google MyBusiness

As a business, you might observe that your business is not appearing for searches in your local area. Adding your website to Google local business directory is crucial if you want to be searched online locally by more people. It does not cost anything and is just a simple procedure by going to Your business can capitalize on Google’s free business listing and start reaching more and more customers online. Complete and update your business information to Google MyBusiness and help your business increase it’s local ranking on Google and make your site’s visibility. Optimize your information including your business description, product details, images etc.

Link Building Techniques

Link Building is one of the most significant factors to get top rankings on search engines. Link Building, is a vital part of SEO strategy for any SEO services provider. The more inbound links you have to your website from quality sites, the more important your website becomes in the eyes of Google. There are a number of link building techniques used in link building for websites. These include Directory Submissions, Bookmarking, profile creation, Creating Infographics Submissions, Blog Commenting, forum participation, Business Listings, Article Directories, Guest Postings, Image Submissions, Document Sharing etc. It is always a good practice to interlink your web pages by creating links to your inner pages and also by having the most important pages interlinked in your footer.

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