How to promote your Business on Facebook

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October 4, 2016

How to promote your Business on Facebook

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For businesses, having a strong social media presence with the help of Facebook and other significant platforms has become need of the hour. It helps them to increase customer engagement and helps to convert new prospects into loyal customers.

Out of all the popular social media platforms, Facebook is the biggest social networking channel and boasts of having more than a billion members. Small Businesses can’t ignore this powerful social media platform for promoting their products and services. Here are few ideas which can certainly help your business to learn new ways of promoting your product by using the social media giant – Facebook.

Sharing Your Content

Creating original and relevant content is absolutely essential if you want to promote your business on Facebook. Thinking simply that creating a page solves everything is a pure fallacy. You will need to share your published content on a regular basis whenever you publish content on the Facebook Page.

Besides sharing content, you can also share videos, visual images, audios, special promotions, discounts, deals and so forth. The content should be preferably always accompanied by a visual element, which generates interest in your products/services for the followers.

Put Your Facebook Page everywhere

Many times, using traditional marketing techniques can help you a lot for increasing your followers. Advertising your Facebook URL on different emails, business cards and other such marketing materials you produce can work wonders for helping you build a large online following on your Facebook. Mentioning your Facebook on the email signature, business cards, publishing flyers, brochures about your company with your Facebook address can also promote your Facebook Page as well as your product or service.

Keeping Followers Engaged

You can also grow your audience by creating original and quality content for your audience on a regular basis. Sharing relevant content at least once or even twice a day as per the niche of your audience is absolutely essential. It is very important that you post such content on your Facebook account that evokes the interest for your target audience, customers and prospects. Latest events, Industry news, new employee hires, relevant info and so forth are few of the type of interesting content. Answering queries or responding to comments is also essential which will engage your audience further with your website. It has been seen that Images and Videos invoke a lot of response from the audience and gather more likes, views and comments.

Running Competitions

Giving an impetus to your Facebook marketing strategy is holding contests and sweepstakes. Your Facebook followers will feel happy to be rewarded for your loyalty towards your brand. Reward them by running various competitions and contests while offering them various deals. It is true that contests, sweepstakes and polls are considered to be magnets for the relevant audience. In fact, contests can provide vital information about your customers.

Increase your followers and numbers of likes by offering them attractive prizes related to your Industry. However, you will have to do the research part yourself to determine the best type of contest for reaching your goals and the timing of setting up of the contest.

Measurement and Analysis

Measuring your success is vital for assessing the success of your Facebook Campaigns. Without doing that, you won’t be able to craft your future marketing strategy on Facebook.

Accessing “Facebook Insights” from your account will give you an in-depth estimate of how effectively the audience is connecting to you and how well they are responding to your posts on Facebook. Are you able to reach the objectives you had thought of? All these questions can be answered by using Facebook Insights.

Facebook Ads

Facebook also offers advertising options of running paid campaigns to let your customer’s ads. These types of ads, when clicked lead straight to your website/landing page. Facebook Ads are a great option for such customers who want results quickly as it gives fast results.

These ads basically help in promoting your products and target the specific niche audience who are genuinely interested in your product. Besides, the interface there is an analytics tool which helps to analyze your present ad campaigns and lets you plan accordingly for the strategy of future Facebook Ads which you might be interested in floating.

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