Email Marketing Best Practices

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Email Marketing Best Practices

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Marketing by using emails as a medium may not be the rage in today’s digital world. However, it is still a simple and reliable method to reach across thousands of new prospects and more customers. They show up on the digital doorstep of their audience.

Emails are not only more cost effective ways of marketing compared to other platforms available, but they are also a powerful medium for reaching out to a wide audience. Here are few valuable Email Marketing tips which will help you to convert more leads for your business.

Make your Subject Lines compelling

A good subject line should be written in such a way that it immediately gets the attention of its intended audience. A thoughtful and well-crafted subject line is extremely important to create a feeling of urgency for the reader to open and see the content and give them some indication of what to expect when they open the email. It should be between 30 and 50 characters.

Metrics and Analysis is everything

At the end of the day, you will have to measure and analyze your email campaigns to assess their effectiveness. Best marketing professionals do always keep on testing in whatever they do. Use A/B testing and keep an eye on the best strategies working in your favour so that these can decide your due course of action while planning your email marketing campaigns.

Does changing your subject lines increase your response rate? Do the readers respond better to a different formatting of the text and images? These are just few questions for your marketing team. Continue testing and improving as well as refining your campaigns. Metrics should mean everything to you so that you don’t miss out on any potential of converting a lead.

Adding an Automation Feature

If you want to increase the engagement with the people on the subscriber list, automation can prove to be a great addition to your call to action. There can be two ways to do that by using a welcome email which you will be sending to all new subscribers when they join your mailing list. Another creative way to generate interest is to introduce new clients to your business by using emails and to value your long term customers with special offers and rewards to make them feel special.

Content is Crucial

Just like your Subject line, the main content of your email should be classy, interesting and to the point. It should be able to convey your key message to the reader in a concise way. Consider your company website as the main source of providing valuable information about your brand and the email as a medium to initiate the audience to click on your landing page for driving traffic.

Each word counts in an email, so use every word quite wisely and efficiently for maximizing its effectiveness. Be sure to keep the overall tone of your email as more personal, without being intrusive and make it conversational to connect with the audience. It should not sound too self-promotional. Also, the overall look and feel of your email should match with your landing page in terms of content and copy.

Don’t overlook the fact that you should repeat your call of action a couple of times throughout your email as a reminder to the reader. How can they convert if they are not sure what do you expect them to do? While using buttons, use colourful buttons in case you would want them to click anywhere.

Sharing Your Content in the Right way

Sharing your content and promoting it has become a part of the online marketing strategy. You can do that by forwarding your email or sharing it on various Social Media platforms. It is quite unlikely that viewers will do that on their own unless they really adore your content and want their friends to know about it.

If you are confident of your campaigns, take the initiative to get the word out and ask them to share it further. Light receptiveness works quite well and brings in a good rate of response. For others, you can offer a giveaway to all the people who share your content to a specific number of people. This can prove to be valuable in promoting your content.

Email Layout should be colourful and catchy

There are a number of tools which can help you create such emails which have great looking layouts in your inbox. You can try different colour combinations and fonts to decide which one looks best. Another feature which helps your stand out in a crowded inbox is the use of images and videos. Text alone cannot draw much audience and it has to be supplemented by visual mediums. In fact, videos are a powerful medium as they add a personal touch to your story in an innovative way.

Also, put your Logo in the upper left-hand side of all your emails for more reach as studies have proven that people always expect a logo to be on the upper left-hand side of an email. Find the right templates so that you can re-use them in your email campaigns for saving time.

Mobile Friendly Emails

It is no secret that a majority of people nowadays check their emails on their mobiles due to convenience. This makes it essential that your emails should be mobile friendly and readable in any kind of any electronic device. Having mobile friendly designed emails can fetch you a wider audience. You can reach more people who can read your content and the marketing message intended to be delivered for leads who get converted into customers.

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